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network device client

Delta 2 Prototype

Tech Specifications

  • A Pick and Plant Model

  • Wireless with 3 connection medium

  • Biometrics Login : Fingerprint Recognition

  • Biometrics Login : Smart Face Recognition & Night Vision Enabled

  • Solar Powered Rechargeable

  • IoT, ioT, GSM Connectivity Smart Switch

  • Parent Device / Slave Device

  • LED Screen

  • Power Boost Audio I/O

  • ABS Sleek Body Design

  • Rigid Metal Keypad

Where can you see this?

  • Installed In Partner Organisations

  • Installed in outdoor spaces like Roads, Markets, Malls

  • Used to send 15 sec Audio-Visual message directly to handsets

  • Other such Network Clients would be operational on our Network Backbone Structure

  • Easy Shifting in the Mesh Networks makes it a hassle-free process

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